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5 Ideas To Make Your Lesson More Interactive

In order to really learn something, you have to have a desire to truly understand it. But, learning is about more than just understanding but doing something.

The question to ask here is: how does a person get past simply understanding to actually doing something? The answer is simple: by involving in interactive learning.

What is Interactive Learning?

Interactive learning can be thought of as any activity that requires learners to interact with each other, the teacher, and/or content in an active way.

Interactive Learning provides students with an opportunity to actively engage in the learning process.

There are many ways that can be used to make your learning interactive. In this article, we will be looking at five ideas of how you can make your lesson more interactive

1. Address Different Learning Styles

If you have a student who learns best by doing, why not give them the opportunity to follow along in class by interacting with their materials? They can do this by physically manipulating and working with things in class.

Another way is to keep students engaged by doing physical activities and by encouraging them to give presentations.  

It is a great way to engage them and help them learn more.

2. Allow Students To Work Together

The best way to make learning more interactive is to create a lesson that allows students to work together. A great example of this would be collaborative learning activities which help students work together in groups and on projects.

3. Ask Questions

A good way to make learning interactive is by asking questions. Asking a lot of questions can encourage students to think of what they have learned.

These questions should vary to match all thinking levels from recalling to evaluation. In this case, students will not only know but interact with what they have learned.

The most important questions to ask are those which evoke students to predict what the future will be like. This helps them and you see the bigger picture of what they have learned.

4. Use Variety

Interactive learning is the key to engaging students in your content. But it’s not just about using only one technique. It’s about using a variety of techniques, perspectives, strategies and methods to keep students interested.

This will help you engage with your students and make lessons interesting for each one of them.

5. Mix Traditional With Non-Traditional Forms Of Interaction

This can include traditional forms of interaction like discussions, role-playing, debates and cooperative learning activities, but you should also include more non-traditional forms such as informal mentoring relationships; gaming situations; cross-age mentoring activities; or through learning on the move (using mobile devices).

Final Thought

If you think learning is a one-way street, it’s time to think again because if learners are less likely to remember information if they’re not involved in the learning process, interactive learning is a must.

One of the best ways to improve learning is to make it worthwhile and interactive. You can do this by adding activities and tasks that allow students to take a more active role in learning.

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