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Eight Practical Steps That Work Well In Teaching Grammar Rules

Grammar is an important part of language learning. In order for students to communicate effectively in life, they need to use proper grammar. Students must have the least knowledge of the grammatical rules in order to produce language spontaneously either orally or in writing.

How Grammar Can Be Taught

There are several techniques that the teacher can use to present grammar rules. But, there are two main approaches to teaching grammar.

Approaches To Teaching Grammar

1. Explicit Approach

Before beginning any unit, you must look over it in the book to know the grammar rule it includes. Then, you must start the lesson by explaining that rule directly: its meaning, form, and function. And then do some exercises with the class on it. That really helps students to do the activities well and they learn better that way.

2. Implicit Approach

There is no need to teach grammar explicitly or explain the rules directly. Learners will pick them up later for themselves. The precious time of the period should be focused on using the language for communication and practising as much English as possible through students’ interaction. If they want grammar, they can be given exercises to do at home and be corrected outside the class.

What do You Think?!

After reading about the two different approaches, let me know in a comment below: which approach do you prefer and why?!

For the least knowledge of how to teach grammar, check “Teach Grammar” category.

Eight Main Steps To Follow When Teaching A Grammar Rule

1. Start with questions that lead to model sentences in which the grammatical rule is included.

E.g. consider the following questions when teaching the present perfect continuous tense:

  • How long have you been learning English?
  • How long have they been playing football?
  • How long has she been cooking pizza? Etc.

2. Encourage students to answer the questions in complete sentences using the grammatical rule and write the model sentences on the board.

3. Read the sentences focusing on the main features of the rule (highlight the form with a different colour or by underlining them).

4. Tell students the function and the meaning of the grammatical rule: when to use it and how to apply it in communication.

5. Elicit the form of the rule from students and write it on the board.

6. Encourage students to do some different and various exercises on the rule to familiarize them with its form and check their understanding of its meaning.

7. Ask students to give more meaningful examples of the rule.

8. Give more practice on the rule by creating real-life situations for students to use the rule in.

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