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Here Are My Solid Gold Ten Tips For Teaching EFL Effectively

Here are my solid tips that will enable you to teach EFL more effectively.

1. Be patient:

It is not easy to learn a new language. It takes time and the learning process has many ups and downs. Your students may have difficulties and get frustrated, so you should be patient.

2. Use your body:

Move around the classroom and interact with your students. Have an open face. Smile. A smile shows you are happy to be there. Use gestures with your arms and hands instead of speaking. Contact your students with your eyes.

3. Adjust your voice:

Take care of your voice. It is not necessary to speak loudly all the time. Use a variety of tones and volumes. Avoid shouting, otherwise, you will lose your voice.

4. Know your subject matter and enjoy teaching it:

Get a look at the teaching course, textbook and learning materials. Search for more knowledge related to the course. Read books, journals, articles, etc. for ongoing professional development. All the time try to enjoy what you do. If you enjoy learning and teaching, your students will likely enjoy it. Do your best to leave your personal problems at home and enter the classroom with a fresh and clear mind.

5. Use variety in your lesson:

Variety is the spice of life. If you do one thing one way, students will feel bored. Use variety in everything, in the way you start the class, in your ways of assessment and even in what you are dressing.

6. Be a model in pronunciation:

As you are supposed to be a non-native speaker of English, you should listen to the pronunciation of new words before pronouncing them in front of your students. However, try your best to speak to your students as if you are a native speaker. Be aware of the phonemic system of English to be a good model for your students in speaking good English.

7. Have good lesson plans:

Don’t step toward the classroom without a lesson plan. Take your time to plan your lessons. It’s preferable to have a detailed plan in the beginning. You may use a general outline after that or just a few notes. Do what works for you but the most important thing is to know well what you are going to do inside the classroom.

8. Use teaching aids:

You can use the board and organize it well. Use drawings on the board. Create good visual aids such as wall sheets, charts, diagrams, etc. Use audio files, pictures, and word cards. Use your body and face and any other aids that can facilitate learning, attract students’ attention, and address the different learning styles of your students.

9. Engage your students all the time:

  • Encourage students to participate during the class.
  • Call them with their names.
  • Utilize games and music to motivate them to engage in the lesson.
  • Use the element of surprise to keep them on their toes.
  • Use appropriate materials that are suitable for their level and interest them. Encourage interactions among them.
  • Don’t lecture or they will fall asleep.
  • All the time think of something unusual to do in the classroom to draw your students’ attention and engage them in the lesson.

10. Control your class:

Have an orderly classroom putting everything in its place. Create certain systems or procedures to follow with the class to organize and control the students. Respect your students and get them to respect you. If you have a student who is being disruptive, talk to him first outside the classroom and if he continues to be disruptive, let the law take its course. Consider agreeing with students upon some rules to follow from the beginning of the year. Rearrange the seating in a way that enables you to control the class or do certain activities easily.

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