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How Teachers Can Recognize That They Are Experiencing Burnout

Burnout is an important topic to discuss because it has a wide range of consequences.

Whether you are a teacher or a school leader, you may be worried that you are heading toward burnout.

To know more about how to recognize that you are experiencing burnout, continue reading.

General Symptoms Of Burnout

  • When you are burnt out, you feel that whatever you do is not enough.
  • Burnout leaves you feeling empty inside with no motivation to do anything that you once loved.
  • You feel that you don’t want to go to work or attend meetings.
  • You care for nothing with a constant and high level of anxiousness.
  • You don’t have any hope within your work context and can’t see the situation changing for the better.

Body Signals That You Are Burning Out

  • Feeling mentally and physically exhausted. This feeling makes you no good to anyone or anything.
  • Feeling like crying.
  • Looking pale, withdrawn and not very well.
  • Always feeling tired with constant aches and pains.
  • Often twitching in your eyes.
  • Experiencing trouble in sleeping.
  • Feeling constant dread about opening emails, messages or interacting with colleagues

Additional Signs Of Burnout

  • Restlessness
  • Little patience
  • Tearfulness
  • Skin Complaints

Thoughts When You Are Burning Out

  • I’m useless.
  • I’m going to be fired.
  • I don’t belong here.
  • Taking a break looks lazy.

What Can Teachers Do To Remedy Burnout?

If you think that you might be heading towards burnout, it will be essential to give yourself plenty of self-compassion.

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Ensure you rest. Rest is a crucial part of the equation. If you think that taking time off will help you, then take it.  
  • Speak to someone. Share your concerns with a friend or with your line manager, speaking about it will help.
  • Always seek the professional help that makes you believe that anything is changing – It will help significantly.

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