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How To Improve Your Vocabulary Thanks To 3 Easy Steps

Vocabulary is one of the keys to develop your language skills. With this in mind, you should decide to improve it and increase your stock. If you try the following three easy steps, I’m sure, you will make a success. Here they are:

1. Read and listen:

Step number one to improve your vocabulary is reading and listening to authentic English materials.

For reading, you should:

  • Read every day making reading in English a part of your daily routine.
  • Underline or write down each new word or phrase when you see it.
  • Guess the meaning of these new words from the context.
  • Look up new words in English-English dictionary focusing on the usage of each word.

And for listening, you should:

  • Listen to something you love and enjoy so that you will learn much more.
  • Write down each new word or phrase when you hear.
  • Listen on the go while you walk, work out, travel or work. You can then write down your new words or phrases when you get home.

2. Record the meanings:

Buy a notebook and make it your own dictionary. Don’t just write the meanings. You can write collocations, synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, example sentences, etc.

3. Review regularly:

Make vocabulary review a part of your routine. It can be once or twice a week. Try to make it fun by using word games or you can be creative and use your new words to tell a story.

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