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How To Learn English For Studying Abroad: 9 Useful Tips

How To Learn English For Studying Abroad: 9 Useful Tips

Many students are worried and wonder how to learn English for studying abroad.

There are many ways to help you clear the language barrier and prepare the necessary skills to pursue higher education in another country.

Let’s figure it out right now!

How To Learn English For Studying Abroad

Here are 9 useful tips:

Set A Daily Goal And Attempt To Complete It

All tips will be useless if you don’t practice every day. Setting a daily goal will keep you motivated and help you achieve success.

Set up a study plan for one week, for example. And you need to complete a goal each day. The goals can be:

  • Learn 10 new words per day.
  • Write a short journal of 200 words.
  • Spend 30 minutes reading an academic article.
  • You name it! This activity will increase your self-studying ability, a crucial skill while studying abroad.

Listen To Podcasts

Listening to professors’ speeches and lectures is inevitable when studying. Daily English podcasts can help your ears immerse in the language and improve your comprehension.

This popular language learning tool offers various content. You can choose any according to your preference and level. Pause the podcast every 20 seconds. And you can repeat what you hear or read if the transcript is available.

Writing down new words, including their pronunciation and meaning, will also enrich your vocabulary.

Get An English Certificate To Qualify For Your Level

After studying hard, why don’t you challenge yourself with a certificate achievement? It’ll be an opportunity to test your English level and recognition for your efforts.

Various English language certificates such as PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS, are issued by reliable organizations. Research more about them before deciding which one to take.

Among them, PTE is now gaining recognition worldwide for those wanting to study abroad. Once you achieve a certificate, you’ll feel much more confident about yourself.

Watch Movies And Shows

Movies, series, and shows are a good approach to English conversations. And they are entertaining as well.

You can find various interesting movies and shows on platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. They can help you improve daily language comprehension and encourage you to speak as a native speaker.

Streaming a movie with subtitles is highly recommended to help you remember the sentence structure better.

Develop Your Writing Habit

Writing is one of the four basic language skills and is important during the learning process. To polish it, write a journal every day.

If you develop this habit, you’ll greatly improve grammatical understanding. Plus, it lets you practice brainstorming, managing your thoughts, and expressing them logically.

Writing a diary can also clear your mind from stressful issues and restart your energy.

Find A Friend To Practice Speaking With.

Practicing with friends is the best way to boost your speaking ability and confidence. You can start with a simple topic and gradually increase the academic level of the talk to prepare for future presentations.

Practice with people who speak your native language is fine. However, looking for English-speaking people to use this method fully can be a challenge.

This way of learning will help you become fluent faster.

Read Books And Newspapers

If you don’t know where to start your learning journey, read a lot! Choose your favorite genre and practice every day.

This method has many benefits. It broadens your vocabulary, helps you form sentences more easily while speaking, and increases your understanding of various contexts.

Try reading aloud to practice your pronunciation. After one chapter, giving a small oral summary of your reading will also boost your thinking and speaking.

Use Available Online Tools And Platforms

With the development of technology, you don’t need to go anywhere, and you can sit at home and improve your English.

There are thousands of apps and platforms that teach you new words and phrases. They usually have functions to check what you’ve learned, track your consistency, and remind you if you miss a lesson.

Online English-language chat rooms are also an effective way to boost your skills and make friends. You can find people with the same hobbies and talk in English daily.

Attend A Foundational Program

A foundational program from schools or universities allows international students to enhance all aspects of the English language.

Foundational programs can be online or offline and usually last 8 to 13 weeks. Assignments and projects are included to boost the students’ language and studying skills.

It’s also a chance for you to get acquainted with other students in your university.


There are many helpful tips on how to learn English to study abroad. You can choose any activity you like to boost your language skills. However, remember to do it consistently to see the result.

Plus, try to get a certificate like PTE if possible to prove your ability and effort.

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