How to Self-Assess Your Teaching of Early Writing to EFL Learners

Use the following writing checklist to self-assess your teaching of early writing in the primary stage.


  • Have I prepared a good pre-writing activity?
  • Have I chosen a topic that is suitable for my students?
  • Have I given clear instructions and modeled the task clearly?
  • Have I thought about what equipment or materials I will need?
  • Have I thought about how to attract my students’ attention?


  • Have I considered how long the activity will take?
  • Do my students know when to stop writing?


  • Have I worked on only a few errors at a time?
  • Have I specified the kinds of errors I should work on first?
  • Have I corrected the students’ errors correctly using symbols that tell students what kind of error they made?
  • Have I remembered to point out what students did right?
  • Are my students alert to their errors?
  • Have I set goals for improving students’ writing?
  • Do I help my students overcome their fears when I correct their writing?

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