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Learn Faster and Smarter: 10 Tips to Boost Your Learning Potential

boost your learning potential

Learning new skills and knowledge can often feel like hitting a brick wall. However, with the right mindset and techniques, anyone can optimize their learning to progress faster. Below, I will help you learn faster and smarter using 10 tips to boost your learning potential, summarized from “Learn Like a Pro” by Tan Yew Wei:

1. Admit When Something is Not Working

If your current learning methods aren’t producing results, be honest with yourself. Take responsibility and acknowledge that you need to try a new approach.

2. Experiment and Track Your Progress

Try new learning techniques and track your progress. Quantify your progress by measuring metrics, or qualify it by recording your performance.

3. Be Patient

Learning takes time. Progress is often not linear, so focus on long-term trends over weeks and months.

4. Do 30-Day Trials

Commit to trying a new technique for 30 days. This allows enough time to evaluate if it’s working.

5. Fix What’s Broken

If something isn’t working, try the opposite approach. Keep experimenting until you find what works.

6. Learn in Your Optimal State

Determine when you learn best and consistently practice during those peak times.

7. Utilize Your Subconscious

Use triggers like flashcards to rehearse material subconsciously throughout the day.

8. Space Out Your Learning

Distribute practice sessions over time instead of cramming. Your retention will improve.

9. Learn from Credible Sources

Let others make mistakes. Start with consolidated bodies of knowledge from reputable sources.

10. Always Return to the Essential Skills

No matter your skill level, continue practicing the essential skills. All abilities branch out from the basics.


By embracing an experimental mindset and optimizing your learning conditions, you can master new skills faster than ever.

Be patient, trust the process, and keep building on the fundamentals. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your abilities improve.

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