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Teacher Mental Attitude As It Should Be


Character is the result of two things, mental attitude, and the way we spend our time. It is what we think and what we do that make us what we are.

Mental Attitude Keep Teachers Outstanding

Success is in the blood of some teachers. Their personality and mental attitude keep them outstanding. They always march forward full of vim and vigour taking by divine right the best of everything that the earth affords. They usually adapt their sails to catch the breeze of popular favour.

Still, they are ever alert and alive to any good that may come their way, and when it comes they simply appropriate it and move steadily on.

They Enjoy Good Health & Self-Confidence!

They feel well, live with more energy and love the way they look. Whenever they go out of doors, they draw the chin in, carry the crown of the head high, and fill the lungs to the utmost; drink in the sunshine; greet friends with a smile, and put a soul into every hand-clasp.

They Are Achievement-Oriented With Focused Minds

They fix firmly in their own mind what they would like to do, and then move ahead steadily to their goals. They do not fear being misunderstood, and never waste a moment thinking about their enemies.

Successful teachers always keep their mind on the great and splendid things they would like to do; and as the days go on, they find themselves unconsciously seizing the opportunities that are required for the fulfilment of their desires.

They Always Work On Improving Mental Self-Image

They picture in their minds the able, earnest, useful persons they desire to be. The thought that they hold is hourly transforming them into that particular individuals they so admire.

They think and preserve a right mental attitude; the attitude of courage, frankness and good cheer.

They Are Proud Of Themselves While Enjoying

They drink in the ozone; bathe in the sunshine; and out in the silent night, under the stars, they say to themselves again and yet again, “We are the most necessary parts of the whole”

No harm can come to them that does not come to all parts, and if they go down, the world will wreck.

Final Word

By a wrong mental attitude, we have set in motion a train of events that ends in disaster. People who die in middle life from disease, almost without exception, are those who have been preparing for death. The acute tragic condition is simply the result of a chronic state of bad mind with a passive mental attitude.

When you realize this, your heart and mind should decide to be physically and mentally well.

As a teacher, you’ve got the right to carry your chin in and the crown of your head high because you are the heir of the prophets in knowledge and faith.

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