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Redefining Your TEFL By Using Brain-Based Elements

Alone In A Room

Imagine that you are alone in a room with nothing to do.  No cell phone, no book to read or TV to watch, no other people to talk to. Just you and your thoughts for 15 minutes. How will you feel? How much can your brain tolerate? How long can you endure this boring environment? What are you going to do?

Sure, you’re going to search for something novel and stimulating as you will feel bored.

Remember that I’m only talking about 15 minute-period.

Students Brain Nowadays

So, as teachers, we should realize how boredom impacts our students whose brains always seek engagement, stimulation, choice, movement, meaning and novelty, and many other things so as not to feel bored.

However, some teachers still insist on using traditional methods of teaching today’s students.

According to modern research, yesterday’s methods worked well for yesterday’s students. But today’s students have different brains.

Nowadays, students spend much more time on TV and on the Internet so their brains need a different learning environment. One that is enriching with sound, images, animation, movement, and social communications so that learning will stick within their brains.

Why Employ The Brain-Based Elements?

Therefore, we, as teachers, will not be able to enhance our students’ learning unless we study how students’ brains work and know well how to create a positive, energizing, and organized learning environment for students.

That’s why you should consider employing the main brain-based elements using some practical classroom strategies.

The central point here is to understand that learning is neither mechanical nor simply an intellectual process. It is like what happens in a chemical factory – or inside each one of us as we digest a meal, a complex and dynamic process.

All parts of the students play a role and the more they contribute to the class, the more profound and meaningful their learning is.

The Main Brain-Based Elements

I’ve created a guide for all teachers and focused on the main five brain-based elements and how to incorporate them in every EFL class. These elements are as follows: 

  1. Emotion,
  2. Examples,
  3. Energy,
  4. Exercise, and 
  5. Euphoria. 

If we can include these simple elements in our classes, we will be better prepared to meet the true needs of our students.

Each element has an important and motivational effect on your journey to redefine your TEFL in the classroom and on your students’ learning as well.

But what is the importance and effect of each element and how to apply it in your TEFL?

In other words, what are these classroom strategies that relate to each element?

These strategies, if applied in the classroom, will enable the teacher to reach every student and enhance their learning.

Using The Brain-Based Elements

I’ve collected these elements in a resource guide for YOU. I also included the classroom strategies that you can use to employ these elements.

If you employ these elements, you will redefine your TEFL classes, FOR SURE.

The good news is that I offer this book at the lowest possible price.

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