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Teaching Beginning Reading To ESL/EFL Learners

Emphasis on Developing Reading Skills In Primary Schools Students who fail at reading in English are unlikely to do well in English exams at school. So all ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools place much emphasis on developing the reading skills of their learners. ESL/EFL teachers in primary schools...
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Quite Simply, Teaching English Individual Sounds & Intonation

teaching English individual sounds & intonation
English as a language is actually made up of many smaller sound units, called phonemes.  These small pieces of sound are the “building blocks of words.”  Beginner readers should develop phonemic awareness by learning to hear and break down words into individual sounds, blend sounds, manipulate them to make...
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Factors Hindering Reading Comprehension

factors hinder reading comprehension
Reasons that cause reading comprehension failure There are a number of reasons that cause reading comprehension to fail. Students should be aware of these reasons and then identify the solutions for them by applying the appropriate reading strategies that can cause success to reading comprehension. The following are...
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Do You Recognize The Two Keys to Teach Beginning Reading?

the two keys to teach reading
Reading is described by some people as the reconstruction and interpretation of meanings behind printed symbols. Others say it is the process of understanding written language. These explanations of reading are accurate. The main point is that comprehension of the written material is the purpose of reading. In...
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