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Take The TEFLPros Course & Start Your Career In TEFL In 6 Weeks!

Do you want to have a successful career in teaching English as a foreign language?

The TEFLPros Plus 120-Hour Online TEFL Course provides high-quality instruction, full
accreditation, and practical skill-building techniques with 50+ hours of real-life
classroom and instructional videos.

Get the best of both worlds: classroom experience with a flexible schedule.

This course offers assurance that the skills you are learning are relevant, practical, and
what you need to land a paying job

Advantages of Learning With TEFLPros:

  • High-Quality Instruction.
  • Accreditation.
  • Practical Skill-Building.
  • Time Flexibility.
  • Location Independence.

Benefits of Taking The TEFLPros Plus 120-Hour Online TEFL Course:

  • Doing a free full module of the course so that you can “try before you buy”. No other courses offer this transparency.
  • Participating in weekly live coaching calls where you can get your questions answered by trained staff and interact with your classmates.
  • Gaining practical skill-building in areas such as lesson planning for reading, writing, speaking and listening lessons.
  • Gaining experience in preparing your own classroom materials and learning how to manage difficult classroom situations.
  • Earning an internationally recognized certification. You will get two certificates upon graduation: a digital version and a hard copy of your certificate, which you will receive by mail at no extra charge.
  • Getting more video content than any other online course including discussion, video slide decks, step-by-step lesson planning, and 17 hours of real EFL classes.

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