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The 10 Qualifications That Will Ensure You Get A Good ELT Job

There are a number of training courses and qualifications that you can take, either to be able to gain an ELT job or to develop your ELT knowledge and experience.

1. Certificate in TESOL or TEFL

The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and The Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language are available to prove that the teacher has enough knowledge of the ELT field.

2. TKT

The Teaching Knowledge Test is an exam-based course from Cambridge for teachers with experience around the world. Courses leading to the test are run by centres and are offered to teachers of schoolchildren and adults.


The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is a pre-experience course, usually run on a four-week intensive basis, though some centres run it part-time. The course includes teaching practice with adult learners.


Some Cambridge-validated centres also offer Certificates in English Language Teaching to Young Learners. It is more extensive and an extension of CELTA for more experienced teachers, including a teaching practice component.


The Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults is a qualification from Cambridge and taken by experienced teachers with at least two years of full-time teaching experience. You can take the course leading to the qualification full-time but, increasingly, candidates complete parts of the course in different stages, and, in recent years, parts of the course have become available online.

6. Diploma in TESOL

Trinity offers a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages which is internationally famous. It is the same standard as the Cambridge DELTA. Successful candidates often go on to become senior teachers, directors of studies, and teacher trainers.

7. Master in ELT

You can take a university MA in ELT or related subject areas. In most countries, you have to take a qualification at this level or a Diploma level qualification in order to teach in the state sector. A Master’s qualification tends to be theoretical and may not necessarily include teaching practice. Many universities now offer such courses with a combination of face-to-face and online delivery so you can continue teaching while studying.

8. Certificate in TWT

An increasing number of organizations (both universities and private educational organizations) offer training and give a Certificate in Teaching With Technology. Logically, they offer online courses that deal with teaching English using technical aspects. Many of such courses assume that you have some previous face-to-face classroom experience.

9. Certificate in BE

If you are looking to specialize in teaching businesspeople, then some schools offer training and a Certificate in Business English. Note, you’ll need to take a course leading to this qualification with a registered centre.


English Language Teaching Massive open or online courses (MOOCs) are increasingly being offered to English language teachers. Many are free and offer a way to access information in the form of written text, video and audio. Some include lectures by well-known speakers and you also benefit from interacting with teachers from all over the world. The quality of instruction on MOOCs can vary and they have a reputation for high dropout rates, but there’s no doubt that they offer the opportunity to receive cheap, accessible training.

Final Word

There is not one globally recognized qualification in ELT, so you should always check what courses and certificates are needed in the part of the world where you intend to work in.

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