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The 4 Priorities For Effective Classroom Management

The first 4 things teachers should consider to achieve effective classroom management are as follows.  

1. Sight, Sound, And Comfort:

If the teacher has any power to control them it will be worth his time to do so.

  • The classroom should be neat, clean, and orderly in appearance.
  • Blackboards should be erased and organized.
  • Chairs should be appropriately arranged.
  • The classroom should be as free from external noises as possible.

2. Seating Arrangements:

Students are members of a team and should be able to see one another, to talk to one other. Teachers are advised to consider patterns of a semi-circle, U-shape, or circles in students’ seating.

3. Blackboard Use:

  • It gives students added visual inputs along with auditory.
  • It allows teachers to illustrate with words and pictures and graphs and charts.

Teachers are advised to keep it neat and orderly erasing it as often as appropriate. A messy, confusing blackboard drives students crazy.

4. Teachers’ Voice And Body Language:

  • A teacher needs to be heard clearly by all the students in the room.
  • Nonverbal messages are very powerful in communication.

The following points are very important to teachers:

  • Let your body posture exhibit your self-confidence.
  • Your face should reflect optimism, brightness, and warmth.
  • Use facial and hand gestures to enhance the meaning of words and sentences that might be unclear.
  • Make frequent eye contact with all students in the class.
  • Do not bury yourself in your notes and plans.
  • Do not plant your feet firmly in one place for the whole hour.
  • Move around the classroom, but not to distraction.
  • Dress appropriately and consider the expectations of your students.

Teaching Crowded Classes:

Our classrooms are becoming more and more crowded (55 students in a room) because of the lack of classrooms and the floods of people who are eager to learn. We advised our teachers to:

  • Try to make each student feel important by learning names and using them (name tags).
  • Get students to do as much interaction work as possible.
  • Optimize the use of pair-work and small group work, considering the variation in ability levels.
  • Increase using audio-visual aids, tapes, video, pictures, films, and extra materials.
  • Use a peer-teaching approach.
  • Give students a range of extra-class work.
  • Divide the class into small classes and develop student leaders (study groups).
  • Set up small learning centres in the class where students can do individualized work.

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