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The Best 4 Things For A Teacher To Do In The First Class

As a teacher, you must help your students set off on the right foot from the first class.

You must lay the foundations for a fulfilling and challenging learning experience for all of your students from the beginning.

Students may be anxious in the first class thinking about how to keep up with their classmates, wondering what the new teacher will be like and whether they will do well in the course.

Here are the best 4 things you must do to deal with these worries and fears:

1. Smile

It may seem silly but powerful as well in terms of putting the students at ease and setting the development of student-teacher and student-student rapport in action.

Smiling can also help you and your students to relax.

A smile is the magic stick that can turn your students from some stranger individuals to a united group of friends.

2. Listen To Your Students

This will help you discover what their goals are, what they expect from you and the course, and what they’re worried about or fear of.

This valuable information will help you provide them with better learning and deliver a successful course.

3. Encourage Autonomous Learning

This means that you develop your students’ capabilities of learning outside the classroom and help them to recognize the areas that require further development.

To encourage autonomy, you need to motivate students to explore and learn how to practice the language outside the classroom.

4. Tell Students Where To Start From

Clarifying things from the start is very important. So, it would be very helpful if you tell your students from the first class about what they will learn, how to study for the course and the important points to focus on.

Final Word

The first class is a special day for students and teachers. It is a day full of emotions.

The first impression usually counts, so, as a teacher, it’s necessary to plan for a successful first class that will set a good tone for the rest of the classes of the course.

Having a great first class sets a great tone for future classes and makes the students look forward to your classes.

All you need is a good attitude and following the tips mentioned beforehand.

Treat your first class as a meet-and-get-to-know session rather than a boring tell-instructions lecture.

And be sure to have fun! Enjoy and let your students enjoy, too.

That’s ALL.

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