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The Perfect Classroom Layout For Me

Of course, it’s entirely up to you to set out your classroom in the way you like. It’s your classroom, after all. 

But the way that I set out mine is in rows and columns, with students sitting in pairs. Like this below:

Here are the reasons why I prefer this way:

  • It means that all eyes are on me.
  • It’s easy for me to walk around the whole classroom and assess students’ work – including those who sit next to the sides of the classroom.
  • It facilitates paired work (and paired work gives a high ratio of engagement).
  • It’s versatile. If I want to turn the pairs into fours, the pair in front simply turns around and works with the pair behind.

But, what’s wrong with five or six students sitting around a large table?! Surely, that would help with collaboration and group learning.

But, here are the reasons why I don’t use the table group as a default layout:

  • I need all eyes on me especially when I give the instructions.
  • I want to communicate the expectations and give explanations.
  • I need the students to be looking at me.
  • Students will be looking at each other meaning that the distractions will increase.

I also use mixed-sex seating (boys sit next to girls) because:

  • Distractibility reduces.
  • Misbehavior reduces.
  • The amount of work done increases.
  • Quality work increases.
  • More progress is made.

Given that good behavior of students is a prerequisite for good teaching and learning, I think columns and rows are the best default layout for behavior management.

Would you do me a favor? Would you tell me about the best classroom layout for you and why you prefer it? I’m really grateful for that.

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