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Top +50 TEFL Interview Questions And Answers

Q&A in a Model Way

It is a guidebook full of sample job interview technical ELT questions which I answered briefly in a model way. You can prepare yourself for these kinds of questions first and then, you can adapt according to the course you are teaching and the institution you are applying to.

After Finishing The Book

By the time you’re finished this book, you’ll be able to:

  • Take on even the toughest interview without anxiety and with high confidence.
  • Show that you are more knowledgeable about your career.
  • Get along with any responsibility related to the ELT position you are applying for.

Go Deeper, Further and Faster Toward Success

I’ve tackled as many questions as possible in this book. The number of questions reached 55. They are thought of as the top questions asked in TEFL interviews.

Now, you can get this book for the least price ever.

It will give you the chance you need to go deeper, further, and faster toward your success in your TEFL job interviews.

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