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1-min Eltt Guide – How Can You Manage Hyperactive Students?

Hyperactive students struggle to focus and stay organized. Many students, mostly primary ones are hyperactive. They need special attention from teachers to control them and help them understand the lessons. In case some students showed hyperactivity in my classroom I would:

Greet them by their names and create some time to speak to them individually.

Build a strong relationship with them by asking about their personal life, hobbies, activities, health, and emotions.

Praise them, if they did good things to make them feel emotionally safe in the classroom.

Reinforce their appropriate behavior by giving them stars or gifts or by displaying their photographs on the class board.

Tell their mistakes indirectly by asking them or the class: “Is that good or bad behavior?”

Specify some time during the class for movement or doing some physical actions and encourage them to participate.

Let them sit in the front rows to help them get the maximum concentration.

Divide the big tasks for them into small steps making sure that they completed the first step before going on to the second one.

Communicate with their parents and the psychological specialist at school asking for more information about them to use to improve their learning level.

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