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The Eight Tips That Will Help Students Do Homework Without Stress

Teachers usually evaluate their students with homework as it indicates the effect of their effort in class, but some students get stressed when it’s time to do homework.

Diagnose the problem:

Examine why your students can’t do their homework. Do they just ignore it for no reason or there is a certain problem with them or with the homework itself? Be aware of the problem and then try to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Reassure your students:

If your students feel fear or anger or have any difficulty with homework, it is necessary to start helping them overcome any negative feelings and solve related problems. Try your best to reassure them by telling “it is normal to feel that, but with practising, you will do better”. Then, you should think of rewarding those who have done homework with success, as it will increase their self-confidence and link doing homework with pleasing feelings within them.

Simplify the task:

Help your students by simplifying what they should do. You can also simplify the lesson by using programs or videos from the Internet to help them understand the difficult points.

Moreover, you should talk with your students using the following eight tips to help them do their homework without stress.

1. Understand well what exactly you should do:

You may struggle with doing your homework because you didn’t understand what you should do, so first, you should write down what exactly you should do in your notebook, and don’t feel afraid of asking your teacher to explain what your assignment is.

2. Start as soon as you can:

Even it is called (homework) it doesn’t mean that you should wait till you go back home to do it, but you can do it in any free time you have, maybe in school, and remember by this method you will have much time at night and you will never feel stressed.

3. Make a homework plan

Write down the assignments you should do every day and determine a certain time for each assignment, and adhere to the time you dedicate to each one.

4. Choose a suitable place

It is very important to choose a suitable place for doing your homework away from any noise that may interrupt you so that you will focus and complete your homework in less time.

5. Choose the best time for doing homework during the day:

Doing homework should not be done after school directly as some prefer, but you should have some time to rest after school and before performing your homework. After getting back from school, have your lunch and take a short nap, then start doing your homework with a fresh mind.

6. Ask for help:

You may struggle with some issues when doing your homework. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from one of your classmates or your family, or you may need to hire a tutor.

7. Follow good techniques:

To do your homework easier, follow good techniques that should begin in your classroom such as listening to your teacher while explaining the lesson and taking notes to remember what the teacher said. It is very important to write your notes in clear font and keep them organized. These things will make doing homework easier for you.

8. Take a break:

The maximum time everyone can concentrate continuously is 45 minutes, so try to take a short break after every 45 minutes to be active and alert during doing your next homework assignment.

Warning For Parents:

Don’t solve your child’s homework without his/her own contribution. The rule is “children must do their homework by themselves” even if they struggle or do some mistakes. They will do better with more and more practice, but if you did the homework for your child without the least of his/her contribution, he/she would miss important opportunities to study and learn.

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