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15 Tips To Regain Control On Your Class NOW

regain control of your class

The Main Challenge Most Teachers Encounter

Maintaining order and discipline especially in large classes is one of the major challenges that most teachers encounter nowadays. It’s a common teacher challenge.

As a matter of fact, it’s a struggle to keep students quiet and under control in a classroom including about sixty students. They talk, move and make much noise.

Maintaining order and discipline in a classroom means:

  • The teacher has control over everything taking place in it.
  • Students accept the teacher’s authority and are cooperative in doing what is asked of them.
  • Both the teacher and students have a mutual understanding of the goal of the class.
  • Class time is invested fully in working toward the target goals.

When behavior in the classroom gets out of control, teachers will not be able to convey anything, and learning won’t take place. So, teachers are recommended all the time to overcome this challenge and resolve any discipline problems as immediately as possible.

You can achieve that by following these 15 tips NOW:

1. Stating a system for everything, e.g. speaking, turn-taking, respect of others, test-taking, answering questions, etc.

2. Entering into an agreement with the students based on following some rules to maintain order and discipline. Praising and rewarding frequently those who are committing to the rules.

3. Being firm but warm. Using strict words but preserving the dignity of students and avoiding humiliating them.

4. Pursuing the main source of disciplinary problems, not symptoms and dealing with it immediately thinking of and using various alternatives to solve these problems.

5. Getting used to call the students with their first and second names.

6. Increasing the number of interaction activities among students during each lesson.

7. Using pair-work or small group-work technique when doing the exercises considering the variation in learning standards.

8. Using audio-visual aids to attract students’ attention and facilitate learning.

9. Avoiding burying yourself in the textbook or the preparation notes but keeping eye contact with your students all the time.

10. Avoiding planting your feet firmly in one place for the whole lesson but always moving around the class.

11. Dressing appropriately and using effective facial and hand gestures.

12. Arranging the chairs, organizing the board, freeing the class from external noises, speaking up to be heard and showing yourself to all students in the classroom.

13. Being an expert on your subject matter and well prepared mentally and in writing for every lesson.

14. Understanding your students well and adapting your teaching practices to their characteristics and learning standards.

15. Being a role model for your students. Don’t stop them from doing something you do.

Do you think these tips, if done, are enough for you to regain control of your class?

Do you have more suggestions? Let me know your thought by leaving a comment below.

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