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3 Reasons For EFL/ESL Teachers To Subscribe To My ELT Premium Content

As I hope you make up your mind to be a subscriber to My ELT Premium Content, I feel that the right thing for me to do first is to properly introduce myself and my job to you telling you what I believe in.

I’m Mohamed Ramadan and I’m the founder of the Blog elttguide.com.

I wanted you to take a minute to get a sneak peek at my Blog & learn more About Me

And that’s more about My Mission & Where I Stand

I will be so glad if you decide to be one of My ELT Premium Content subscribers.

Here are the 3 reasons to subscribe to My ELT Premium Content

If you subscribe to My ELT Premium Content, you will:

1. Receive Regular Notifications

You will be notified regularly of the latest premium articles I publish on my blog.

2.  Receive Regular Recommendations

I will recommend to you some valuable courses, materials, and products relevant to TEFL.

And here I want to assure you that I do things a little different than some other bloggers you may follow as I don’t recommend things until I myself created or used them so that I become sure that they are valuable and worth getting.

3. Get Any Help You Request

And you can tell me what you’re shooting for, too, so that I can best help YOU.

Also, I will help you solve or overcome any challenges you may face while you are doing your TEFL job.

Just let me know what problem you want to solve and what goals you want to achieve in your job, and you’ll find me standing by you.   

Here’s what I need you to do if you make up your mind to be a subscriber to My ELT Premium Content

1. Ensure My Emails Arrive In Your Inbox

It’d be an absolute shame if you miss out on anything just because your email account decided to make decisions for you and hide things.

You would never receive the full benefit of being a subscriber to My ELT Premium Content if that happened.

The only way to guarantee that doesn’t happen is to “whitelist” my emails.

If you’re in Gmail, just drag my emails to your Primary tab (if you have one). If you’re in Yahoo, then add me to your contacts.

I’d also recommend that you set up a folder (or label) called “elttguide” where you can archive my emails but only AFTER you’ve read them (of course). 

Don’t set up automatic filters for this because you’re likely to miss something important.

2. Connect With Me

Firstly, I don’t want you to think of me as a thing that you receive emails from and never talk with him back. I’m a real person.

So, first thing, please know that any email I send you can be replied to and that your reply will be seen by me (a real person).

And I will reply back, in most cases.

Secondly, while email is my main channel of connection, I’m out on social media, too.

So, you can connect up here:

Now, feel free to test me out on the reply. You can reply back just to say “hi” if you like.

But, let me ask you something more specific in the spirit of creating a two-way connection. 

What is ONE challenge right now, with your TEFL career that if I help you overcome, would unlock your progress?

I will see your response – and I’ll get back to you, soon.

If I can answer you real quickly or point you to a post to help, I will.

If not, I’ll take it up for future content.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Ramadan Founder of elttguide.com

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