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How Would You Describe Teaching? Recognize The Three Common Descriptions

There are three common descriptions of teaching: Teaching is a science, teaching is an art, and teaching is a craft.

1. Teaching is a science

It’s a science in that there are strategies and practices that a body of research has shown to be effective in enhancing learning.

Just like doctors, effective teachers use research and research-based theories to justify their practices.

Teaching is a science also in that teachers should constantly collect data by observing their students in order to see if learning is taking place and how their students learn best.

And, like scientists, teachers experiment with new techniques or strategies to see how they work.

2. Teaching is an art

It is an art in that teachers must bring themselves fully into their teaching.

To make a success in teaching, you must discover your own unique talents and learn how to use them to help your students achieve the desired learning goals and objectives.

As a teacher, you will need to find the methods and strategies that work best for you with your students. because what works for one teacher may not work for another.

Thus, all the teaching strategies that you learn should be adopted and adapted to fit your particular teaching situation and your personal teaching style.

3. Teaching is a craft

A craft is a skill or set of skills learned through experience.

Teaching might also be described as a craft because good teachers develop and continually refine their craft over time through experience and continued study and reflection.

Final Word

These are the three common descriptions of teaching. What about your own description? How would you describe teaching? How does this description affect your teaching practice?

Let me know your thought by leaving a comment below or by emailing me at: eltguide@gmail.com

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