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5 Efficient Tips To Make Your Persuasive Essay Rock

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Guest Post by Rhonda Martinez

tips on writing to convince people of your opinion

A persuasive essay is a typical academic assignment; every college student will have to deal with at some point.

Here are 5 efficient tips to make your persuasive essay rock and use it to convince others of your opinion.

1. Make Your Stand Clear From The Beginning

It’s essential you choose the topic you’re passionate about, so that your essay will be colorful with emotions.

What is more, it’s vital to understand your position from the very beginning and make it 100% clear.

Prepare yourself and examine the existing opposing views, so that you’ll know how to convince the reader that only your stand is the one they should listen to. This will help you to come up with more persuasive evidence in the main part of your paper.

2. Never Skip Research

This type of writing can’t be done without thorough research, as you can’t be convincing your audience based only on your guesswork.

The goal of this assignment is to provide specific, detailed, and compelling evidence to your reader.

Moreover, this evidence should prevail upon the opposing views, so it can only be done through reading, gathering data, and doing an extensive investigation of the topic.

3. Try To Understand The Needs Of Your Reader

The crucial principle of any academic writing is understanding the needs of your reader. In other words, knowing your audience and the ways to appeal to them.

Make sure you understand that your reader will have particular expectations when taking the first glimpse at the topic of your paper, and they sometimes can be different from the way you see it.

When it comes to a persuasive essay, a reader is ready to go on an adventure of getting themselves persuaded to take or not to take action.

So it’s your task to learn about the heartstrings you need to pull to appeal to your audience.

4. Learn How To Write Successful Arguments

It’s vital to learn how to craft a convincing argument with evidence to support it. Any claim should be defended with evidence.

The following data can serve as solid evidence:

  • Proven facts and statistics,
  • Definitions and research,
  • Quotes from professionals in the field, and
  • Your personal relevant experience that can serve as a real-life example. 

What is more, to ensure your arguments are presented successfully.

  • Keep your voice expert and trustworthy.
  • Present solid and strong ideas, and
  • Get rid of any insecurities in your language.

Phrases like ‘I’m not sure’, ‘this is just my humble opinion’ are out of the question.

5. Boost Your Revision Skills

It is truly an essential tip towards polishing any essay to perfection. If you want your paper to stand out, you can’t finish it last minute and just send it to your professor without revising it first.

When we write, we can easily get lost in grammar or spelling, while being caught on finishing this or that idea.

This may result in your ideas being slightly different on paper from what you had in your head, as the structures may be clumsy, some grammar mistakes may spoil the whole impression, and definitely, the overuse of particular phrases/words won’t help you to win your reader’s attention.

For this reason, you need to dedicate some time to revising, proofreading, and editing your essay.

Learn about your writing habits, while distancing yourself from your writing. To do so put your essay away for a few days and then read it with a fresh eye. It will help you spot the errors as well as refine the structures.

Don’t hesitate to scan your essay with various checkers like Grammarly, and examine your assignment for unintentional plagiarism.

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