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My #1 Back-to-School-Advice: Always Use Attention Grabbers

attention grabbers

The length of the students’ attention spans is incredibly short. They got tired and bored quickly. even they may fall asleep during the class. It’s a really bad thing especially when you’re teaching an important item.

Here’s your job as a creative teacher to wake them up using different kinds of attention grabbers.

Warmers as Attentions Grabbers

Attention grabber is something you often start off with to wake up your students and get them really want to stay attentive. It usually comes right at the beginning of each lesson to encourage students to continue paying attention and focusing on what you’re teaching.

Here are 13 suggested EFL quickie warmers to start your lesson with to grab your students’ attention

Wrap-Ups as Attention Grabbers

You can also use attention grabbers to finish your lessons with to grab and focus your students’ attention on the most important items you’ve tackled during the lesson.

Here are the best 9 ways to finish your EFL lessons with to achieve the goal of grabbing students’ attention

One More Important Advice

When you decide to use an attention grabber, try your best every time to use something completely different from what you’ve used before. You should always think to catch your students’ attention and wake them up using a pattern that they haven’t been accustomed to before. 

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