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6 Articles You Must Check Out To Start The School Year Off On The Right Foot

Back to school, finally!

The first day of school is a special day for students and teachers.

It is a day full of emotions. Teachers get anxious about how to start their first lesson and students feel nervous about what their teachers are like.

I agree that first impression counts, so it’s necessary for each teacher to plan for a successful first lesson that will set a good tone for the rest of the lessons of the course throughout the school year.

Here are six useful back-to-school articles you must check out to start the new school year off on a solid foundation.

1. My #1 Back-To-School-Advice: Always Use Attention Grabbers

The length of the students’ attention spans is incredibly short. They got tired and bored quickly. even they may fall asleep during class. It’s a really bad thing especially when you’re teaching an important item. So, it’s your job as a creative teacher to always wake them up using different kinds of attention grabbers.

Here are 13 suggested EFL quickie warmers to start your lesson with to grab your students’ attention.

And, here are the best 9 ways to finish your EFL lessons to achieve the goal of grabbing students’ attention.

2. The Best 4 Things For A Teacher To Do In The First Class

As a teacher, you must lay the foundations for a fulfilling and challenging learning experience for all of your students from the beginning.

Students may be anxious in the first class thinking about how to keep up with their classmates, wondering what the new teacher will be like and whether they will do well in the course.

Here are the best 4 things you must do to deal with these worries and fears:

3. Six Back-To-School Ideas For The First EFL Class

They are six useful back-to-school ideas for the first EFL class.

4. Top Back-To-School Tips Every EFL Teacher Must Take Into Account

Teachers of English as a Foreign Language are asked to take into account these recommendations from the beginning of the new school year to make great success in their TEFL career.

5. Manage Your Classroom From The First Day

If you want to have classes run smoothly, you should set up a structured learning environment where certain behaviours are praised and others are discouraged.

These five things are the first things you must do to be able to teach in a quiet classroom with students attentive and observant of you.

6. Necessary Skills To Develop In Your Students From The First Day Of School

Today, education is no longer for providing students just knowledge or information but also for developing some necessary skills in them. We call these skills “Life Skills”, and they are the pillars of education nowadays.

Watch this video to know more about the four main life skills that you should emphasize: each one’s meaning, focus, and implications.

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