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Quick Ways To Help Beginners Who Struggle To Write English

Students may have some difficulties when learning to write English at first. The following list summarizes the main challenges that students will face with their early writing in English.

  1. Writing from left to right.
  2. Moving their hands and pens or pencils in a different direction.
  3. Writing on the line.
  4. Writing capital and small letters and knowing when to use each type of letter.

You can help ESL/EFL learners facing these challenges by doing the following:

  • Be a good model. Write clearly on the board with correct letter formation.
  • Show your students exactly where to begin and end each letter.
  • Ask students to trace the letters with their fingers before using pencils.
  • Encourage students to practice writing shapes.
  • Give your students time to practice writing during class.
  • Observe the learners and ask high achievers to help those having difficulties.
  • Encourage the students to practice writing at home.
  • Prepare letter cards for each letter of the alphabet and display them in the classroom.

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