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Understanding Teaching Early Writing Check

In general, the teacher should go through the following three stages when teaching writing to ESL/EFL adult learners:

1. Pre-Writing Stage:

  • Introduce the topic, discuss a picture, a table or any other prompt for writing.
  • Provide ideas, words, and patterns to help students in writing.
  • Explain the task itself specifying certain organization of the composed text.

2. The Writing Process:

  • Provide needed materials.
  • Provide needed support and help for students.
  • Create a quiet atmosphere for students to have the chance to think.

3. Post-Writing Stage:

  • Collect the products, check and correct them.
  • Give feedback orally and/or in writing.
  • Display the good products; read or fix them on the wall.

But, do you know how to teach early writing to ESL/EFL learners?

Do not answer with yes or no before using the following “Understanding Teaching Early Writing Check”

  1. What does early writing mean?
  2. Why should teachers of English encourage their students to write?
  3. What kinds of errors should the teacher expect when teaching early writing?
  4. Should the teacher correct all errors?
  5. What are the three types of writing?
  6. How can teachers teach controlled writing?
  7. What are the ways to make learning the mechanics of writing fun?
  8. What are some useful prewriting activities?
  9. What are some of the difficulties you expect to encounter in teaching early writing?
  10. How might you overcome them?

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  1. unaflores21 says:

    Your advice will be useful not only to teachers who teach children, but such parents like me. I have a daughter who only went to school, at home I help to develop her writer skills. She begins with the fact that writes Santa Claus letters and close relatives, I read her a lot, we came up with an interesting task to write a small story and draw an illustration for him. Of course, a lot depends on teachers and parents, I work by the author at https://essaywriters.nyc/ and she languages ​​a lot after the work done, it is very interesting. Each parent can come up with an interesting lesson related to the writing of the text.

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