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Three New Printables Published On Printables’ Library

I’ve Published Three New ELT Printables.

  1. When and how to correct students’ mistakes.
  2. 20 questions to ask yourself before printing your language test.
  3. Teaching letter writing – A lesson plan.

P.S. I update the printables’ library regularly with new, focused, and effective ELT downloadable documents.

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2 thoughts on “Three New Printables Published On Printables’ Library

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi! I am a novice English teacher in Burkina Faso. I will be delighted to get from time to time some sharings from you. Thanks !

  2. May Roukbi says:

    I am an English teacher and I would like to benefit of your knowledge in teaching my students. Therefore, I am looking forward to your help by letting me into your printables.

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