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1-min Eltt Guide – How Would You Teach A Reading Text About A Famous Person?

At the end of this lesson, students would learn about this person and write one paragraph about his or her life.

I would plan this lesson in the following steps:

1. First,

I should create interest among students by asking them:

  • Do you know (the name of the famous person)?
  • What do you know about him or her?
  • What would you like to know about him/her?

2. Next,

I would allow students to quickly read the text to see if it answered any of the previous questions.

3. Then,

I would pre-teach potentially problematic vocabulary and phrases and give any possible practice exercises on them to check and reinforce their understanding and pronunciation.

4. After that,

I ask students to read the text again for detailed information, and then I would give them some comprehension task such as:

  • Wh-questions.
  • True/false questions.
  • Fill-in-the-spaces questions.

5. At the end,

I would ask students to write a paragraph about this famous person and for homework, I would ask them to write a paragraph about another famous person they are interested in and know information about him/her.

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