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Quick Ways To Help Beginners Who Struggle To Write English

ways to help young learners to write in English
Students may have some difficulties when learning to write English at first. The following list summarizes the main challenges that students will face with their early writing in English. Writing from left to right. Moving their hands and pens or pencils in a different direction. Writing on the...
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How To Reduce Students’ Writing Anxiety

how to reduce students writing anxiety
Many learners experience some kind of anxiety in relation to writing. This anxiety about writing is not necessarily all negative. A certain amount of anxiety may indicate that the learners are concerned about doing well and this may provide some motivation for their performance. But too much anxiety...
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4 Stages To Teach Paragraph Writing In The Classroom

stages to teach paragraph writing in the classroom
Writing is a productive skill that enables students to express their feelings, thoughts, and knowledge. Students can improve their writing skills by practicing and repetition. their writing product should be monitored from the beginning of writing to the production of the final copy. Here are the four essential...
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Simple Guide To Writing A Basic Essay – Part 2

simple guide to writing a good English essay part 2
According to Simple Guide to Writing a Basic Essay – Part 1, when deciding to write an essay we should consider three important things: subject, target reader(s) and purpose. Also, we recognized the main four types of essays and we became aware of the three components of every...
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Simple Guide To Writing A Basic Essay – Part 1

simple guide to writing a good English essay - part 1
Although there are many topics and purposes for writing an essay, your essay will have the same format and the basic structure. This article will guide you to the things you should consider and the necessary steps that you should follow to write a simple basic essay. There...
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