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“Proven to Work” Tips to Manage Crowded Classes

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Classroom management is one of the main preoccupations of most of the teachers. The First Five Things to do to Manage a Classroom. If the teacher cannot control his class, it is impossible to teach his students anything. Six General Tips to Manage a Class. One of the difficulties we face is the “crowded classes” 12 Tips to Control a Large Class.

If the levels of students are varied, you can:

  • How can You deal with a mixed level class?
  • Divide the students into three groups: good, average and low achievers. Ask each low achiever student to sit next to a good one. In this way, the good student can help the low-achiever one.
  • Five ways to pair or group your students
  • Use various strategies to suit the needs of all students.
  • Give different work to different students according to their ability levels. E.g. you can ask easier questions to students who are not confident and more difficult questions to stronger ones. 
  • Make each student feel important by remembering and calling the student with his own name.

If it is difficult to keep the noise down in large classes and you take a lot of time to get the attention of the whole class, you can:

If the students have little chance to talk and it is difficult to correct their errors, you can:

  • Avoid immediate error correction on every occasion. 
  • Use facial expressions to show that there is a mistake.
  • Use finger correction or your own gestures.
  • Allow the student to correct himself. If he is unable to do that, ask another student to do so.

If the amount of “written work” is limited because of the large number of students, you can:

  • Set homework which is easy to mark.
  • Get the students to correct one another’s work.
  • Collect part of the work each time.

If you want your students to behave well, you should:

  • Teach according to the level of your students.
  • Do your best to communicate clearly.
  • Act confidently holding your shoulders and head high and looking at your students’ eyes.
  • Move around the class and have a well-planned preparation.
  • Make sure that your students understand you. 
  • Let your students share some of the responsibilities in the class. The more responsibility students have, the more they will cooperate with you and your instructions.

General tips to manage large classes well

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