My Shortcut For Effective TEFL Lesson Planning

a guide to TEFL lesson planning

What is Lesson Planning?

What is a lesson plan? Why is it important to plan every lesson? What are the principles of lesson planning?

You can find the answers to these questions in this post: What Every EFL Teacher Ought to Know About Lesson Planning.

What Should Be Included in a Lesson Plan?

But whether you are a beginner or expert teacher, there are some main things you must include in your lesson plan. Here are them: Six Things Must be Included in a Lesson Plan and The 5 Key Components of a Lesson Plan

Kinds of Drills Included in a Lesson Plan

If you come to drills you should include in your lesson plan, here are the three main kinds of drills that must be included in any lesson plan in sequence.

A Lesson Plan Template

If you wonder if you need a lesson plan template and which template you should use, you should go through this post:

And here is a link to download an EFL lesson plan template in a word file that you can edit: A Free Printable EFL Lesson Plan Template

More Printables Related to Lesson Planning

In addition, here are some more important printables – ready-for-print documents – related to lesson planning you should get:

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