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My Shortcut For Effective TEFL Lesson Planning

a guide to TEFL lesson planning

What is Lesson Planning?

What is a lesson plan? Why is it important to plan every lesson? What are the principles of lesson planning?

You can find the answers to these questions in this post:

What Every EFL Teacher Ought to Know About Lesson Planning.

What Should Be Included in a Lesson Plan?

But whether you are a beginner or expert teacher, there are some main things you must include in your lesson plan. Here are them:

  1. Six Things Must be Included in a Lesson Plan
  2. The 5 Key Components of a Lesson Plan

A Lesson Plan Template

If you wonder if you need a lesson plan template and which template you should use, you should go through this post: http://bit.ly/32MI8h3

And here is a link to download an EFL lesson plan template in a word file that you can edit: A Free Printable EFL Lesson Plan Template

More Printables Related to Lesson Planning

In addition, here are some more important printables – ready-for-print documents – related to lesson planning you should get a lesson plan for:

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