Six General Tips to Manage a Class

What does “Classroom Management” actually mean? Classroom management is the most important factor affecting student learning. It is the effective discipline in the classroom that provides a safe, comfortable learning environment, motivates your students, build their self-esteem and encourage them to be imaginative and creative in daily lessons. It is having control of the class […]

16 Types of School Tests

1- Objective Test vs. Subjective Test: Objective test is independent of the person marking that test. There is usually a key of answers that leaves no room for subjectivity in grading (e.g. M.C tests or false-true tests) but in Subjective test, the score depends on the marker. It usually happens that different markers give different […]

Quick Guidelines for Writing Effective Test Questions

It is a challenging task for teachers to write test questions, especially when a test is being used to measure certain learning outcomes. Take into account the following guidelines before you begin writing test questions.                                                      True/False questions True/False questions include high probability of guessing the correct response so it is better to avoid them and […]

Aims & Key Stones of any Teacher Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is a partnership created to help and assist mentees to reach the highest levels of professional and personal development. Effective mentoring programme should aim at the following: Identifying and meeting mentees’ personal and professional needs. Facilitating the growth of mentees personally and professionally. Providing mentees with ongoing support, professional conversations and supervision. Reducing the […]